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Our test methodology is also on our website so you can confirm the results yourself. Continuous, Perceptual Testing. We keep the products that we review until they are discontinued, so we can go back and compare them to ensure our reviews are still accurate.
2022 House Race ratings Cook Political Report.
Toss Up Republican. Our subscribers have first access to individual race pages for each House, Senate and Governors race, which will include race ratings each race is rated on a seven-point scale and a narrative analysis pertaining to that race.
Credit Rating - Countries - List.
Arguably, our ratings are less likely to be manipulated because they are unsolicited and we are not paid in any way to provide countries with a rating. Technically, our ratings are based on a forward looking macro economic model which takes into account several leading economic indicators, financial markets and very little discretion.
G Good ratings in the driver-side small overlap front, passenger-side small overlap front, moderate overlap front, original side, roof strength and head restraint tests. Advanced Superior Advanced or superior rating for available front crash prevention - vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian evaluations.
Film Ratings - Motion Picture Association. mpa-banner-bt. mpa-banner-bt.
Looking for more information on how the film ratings system works? Check out to learn the history of the film ratings program, and to download additional film ratings resources. Visit the Website. Submit a Film for Rating. Are you a filmmaker looking to have your film rated?
RATED meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The words being rated for imageability were not presented via a loudspeaker because the lexical property of interest was visual, not aural. From the Cambridge English Corpus. A third coder rated videotapes when scores differed by more than 2 points.
Rated in het Nederlands vertaald uit het Engels.
Uitgebreide vertaling voor rated Engels in het Nederlands. rated bijvoeglijk naamwoord. rated determined; estimated; fixed. bepaald; een zekere. bepaald bijvoeglijk naamwoord. een zekere bijvoeglijk naamwoord. Vertaal Matrix voor rated.: determined; estimated; fixed; rated. fixed; piled; prescribed; specific; specified. determined; estimated; fixed; rated.
Rate Definition Meaning
also intr to assign or receive a position on a scale of relative values; rank he is rated fifth in the world. to estimate the value of; evaluate we rate your services highly. to be worthy of; deserve this hotel does not rate four stars.
Ratings Process.
Games and apps rated via the IARC process do not have Rating Summaries. The IARC system enables us to monitor rating assignments, test product upon release to ensure those ratings were properly assigned, and promptly adjust the ratings when necessary.
Rating Definitions.
Investment grade categories indicate relatively low to moderate credit risk, while ratings in the speculative categories signal either a higher level of credit risk or that a default has already occurred. Fitch may also disclose issues relating to a rated issuer that are not and have not been rated.
Credit Rating Agency, Grading, SME Ratings CAREs Ratings.
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